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Stopping Movement Training

Body & voice


In this new period of Stopping Movement Training we have a guest of honor: the voice.


With Stopping Movement Training we want to enjoy a free and genuine movement. A movement that transcends our daily movement and surprises us. We leave our habitual "I" and experience another "I" more alive, vibrant, refreshing and present.

In the previous cycle we focused on the movement of the body and its multiple possibilities. In this cycle we will continue to focus on all these issues, and we will add this wonderful movement, that is the voice.


The voice is a living movement in the body that continually seeks the way to flow. It also constitutes an exchange with our surrounding: I take air, I give my voice.

Through the voice we express our will, our desires, our emotions ... we express who we are. This expression does not necessarily appear in the content of what we say, but in the tonality, color, nuances, clarity or "body" of our voice.


The voice is formed in our torso; the lower belly, diaphragm and chest are directly involved. It is then articulated in the upper part of the body: throat, mouth, sinus, and skull. We see, therefore, that the emission of the voice involves the whole body. If our body is flexible and comfortable, our voice will have its full range of nuances, intonations and volume. If our body is rigid and contracted, our voice will be restricted.

Through my experience with my clients, I have been able to verify countless times that when a person changes an attitude in their life, his voice changes. It becomes clearer, more flexible, more present and richer.

But also the voice itself has a special power. The vibration that produces in the body mobilizes zones, awakens sensations. If we give it the space and attention it needs, it can not only express the changes we are achieving, but it has the power itself to create these changes.

We all know the satisfying experience of finally saying something that we wanted to say, or sing, or scream. Our body feels great, young and alive.


In the way of approaching verbal expression and communication, I will not separate intention (what and how I want to communicate) from the position and movement of the body and the voice during the act of communication. To understand it easily, we only need to think how difficult it is to speak a foreign language without an “accent”. For most of us it is impossible. We have molded our mouth, tongue, cranial structure to speak with a certain accent (Spanish, Catalan, English, etc.) and we do not know how to leave that pattern. The same thing happens if I have become accustomed to speaking always very loudly, or very low, or monotonously, or in an angry tone, or to get stuck when I speak in a group, etc.

Learning to transcend these patterns of position and movement, is when we really get free.


In this new cycle of Stopping Movement Training we will incorporate and play with this wonderful and powerful movement that is our voice.


If you want to sign up, you do not need to have previous experience in this training. Classes are meant for everyone as long as you have no medical restrictions on movement.


The aim of these classes is to expand your possibilities of movement and / or use of voice. And remember!, your movement and your voice defines who you are.  

Especially suitable for you if:

• You are looking for a playful physical activity where you can learn about attention to your body and space.

• You have some physical discomfort related to tension, stiffness or muscle weakness.

• You have some difficulty with your voice: difficulties on articulation, stuttering, your voice has no power or is monotonous, problems when speaking in certain situations, etc.

• You have any symptoms or physical discomfort in: diaphragm, sinus, throat, jaws, mouth or neck.

• The voice is an important part of your life (teachers, lecturers, singers, actors, etc.) and you want to reinforce it.

Vídeo: Grinberg Method- Stopping Movement Training (subtitles in 8 languages)

Book now! :

To ask or to book, call +34 636 211 447


Or send a message and I will respond as soon as possible

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Days, schedule and price

Intensive outdoor movement in September:

September 15

Place: Masia Can Pla 65, 08738 Pontons Barcelona

Meeting point at 10 to start the class at 10:30 until 2:30 p.m. 2:30 pm Lunch

(Bring a swimsuit, towel, flip flops, light sneakers, since part of the movement will be done on the spot)

Price: € 40 (includes class and meal)



Start-October 23, 2018

Final - July 30, 2019


Every Tuesday, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


Total price: € 150 (payable at the start of classes or in 3 months) Single class price: € 15


Discounts: € 130 - if you are currently in individual sessions with Beatriz Fernandez


Tel: +34 636-211-447

ESMACA Xifré 113 Bajo, 08026 Barcelona

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